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Brand Varavon Slidecam Lite Length 80cm (32
  • Brand
  • Varavon Slidecam Lite
  • Length
  • 80cm (32 in)
  • Weight
  • 1,5kg (3,3lb)
  • Width
  • 3,3cm
  • Material
  • Alumunium Alloy / Steel
  • Maximum Load
  • 9 kg (19,6 lb)
  • Optimal Load
  • 3-6 kg (6,6-13 lb)
  • Smooth glide action adds motion to static scenes.
  • 32-Inch slide track can handle up to 2.7 pounds.
  • Variable tension allows all directional positioning.
  • Fits any camera and can mount on any standard tripod.
  • Use for iPhone and Smartphones too.


Rp. 65.000,-Rp.100.000
DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount
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DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount

DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount For Canon 5D

DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount For Canon 5D Mark II 7D 550D 600D


DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount


1. You can lift up or put your equipment on shoulders with Shoulder Mount
2. The specially designed make cameramen easy for shooting
3. More effects,flexible portfolio, easy to use, easy to carry
4. With a variety of interfaces to connect video light, LCD monitor screen, supporting frames and other equipment
How To Use:
1.You can mount 7.0" or 11.0" arm onto it and then mount lighting or Monitor to use with your DV and DSLR camera. (7", 11" arm, LED light, DV/Camera in photos are not included) 
2.Every joint is rotatable and adjustable,portable.Small size that is good for carrying.
3.Extend the rear arm for shoulder support
4. Adjust to use as one hand DV/Camera set,it can suit the way you needed.


Compatible with:

Canon 5D Mark II,7D
Sony DSR-PD198P
Panasonic AG-HMC153MC
Nikon D90 and anyother camera

Rp. 24.000,-Rp.30.000
Canon TC-80N3 Timer/Remote
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Canon TC-80N3 Timer/Remote

FUNCTIONS The TC-80N3 has five modes, most of


The TC-80N3 has five modes, most of whichcan be used at the same time or in combination with each other if you like:

1.)Cable Release

Works like a regular remote release, andhas the same two positions as your camera's shutter button: half-press to wakethe meter and focus, and full press to shoot.

The TC-80N3 locks for time exposures simplyby pressing its release button and pushing forward to lock.

If you just want this function, get thesimpler RS-80N3 cord instead.

2.)Programmable Self Timer

Works like any other self-timer, butsettable to any time from 1 second to 100 hours.

All the times here and below set in 1second increments as hours, minutes and seconds (HH:MM:SS).

You can use the self-timer, and then havethe other crazy modes below, like a time exposure, work after being triggeredby the self timer.

For instance, at 3 in the afternoon, youcan tell it to wait seven hours so you can go to sleep and it will start a longstar-trail exposure for you at 10 PM while you're busy sleeping — or setting uppractical jokes in the other guy's tents who don't have these fancy cords.

3.)Long Exposure Timer

Makes a timed exposure anywhere from 1second to 100 hours long, without having to sit there and stare at a watchwhile holding a button the whole time.

You can use this mode along with the othermodes to do crazy things like make several long exposures after waiting a fewhours for the self timer to start it all.

4.)Interval Timer

Takes a picture every 1 second to 100 hoursuntil you tell it to stop.

You can use this along with the abovemodes.

5.)Exposure Counter

Takes a set number of pictures, and stops.

If you don't set this and set a repeatingmode, the camera could shoot forever in some modes.

You can use this along with the otherfunctions.

Rp. 24.000,-Rp.30.000

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